How are Recognition Pins Used

It becomes a great honour when you are seen and awarded for a job well done in your work or at school. Receiving a reward will be needed and receiving a recognition pin is one way of getting that reward.

lapelpinsRecognition pins are symbolic in terms of being a way of honouring those who have been in great service for their business, their school, or anywhere else. These pins can also be called service pins, appreciation pins or lapel pins. Another use for these pins will be as part of recognizing someone who is being welcomed into an organization. Presenting him with such a pin is symbolic and will be part of the initiation process.

Recognition pins are usually made and shaped into the logo of the company that is using it and will also have another symbol which signifies the type of award the person to be awarded will be given. When pins like these are given away, they greatly boost the morale of the employee, and he will then know that his efforts with the business have been seen. There are other prizes that can be given away, but getting a pin for recognition is always something that can be cherished for a long time.

There are a number of awards that can be given away and each can be awarded with recognition pins:

Best in Attendance – this is awarded for those who report to work on time with no tardiness issues and are rarely absent.

Performance Award – this is given out to those who had exceeded what the management was expecting from a person’s performance and is consistent in doing that every day. It can also be given if someone had done a very exceptional performance in a certain project.

Best in Service – These are given out if the nature of the business calls for customer service in real time every single day. If an employee consistently gets recognition from customers that he gets to talk to, or in some cases they are commended during a certain customer survey, they can be awarded for a job well done.

Appreciation Pin – these are given as an award for those who had worked hard for their task but they had done it as a volunteer but were still able to properly deliver what they were tasked to do.

Recognition pins can come in different shapes and sizes, but in general, they are categorized into a few types:

Cloisonné – this type of pin is also known as the hard enamel type. This is made when a pin’s design is stamped onto a sheet of copper and will come out with small recesses on it, where powdered enamel is applied and then baked at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the pin cools down, it is ground and polished into a shiny finish. The copper part is then plated afterwards.

Soft enamel – this type of pin has the enamel located at the bottom of a metal strip surface. These metal strips allow the separation of colours so that the enamel to be applied will not mix into the other colours. These can then be polished with a clear epoxy afterwards.

Photo etched – the shape of the pin will be cut from the metal and then the design is chemically transferred and then is coloured by hand. A coat of clear epoxy is then added as a final touch to make the design shine.

Photo dome – the design is printed on either vinyl or paper and then is placed on the metal pin and then is coated with a clear epoxy. This is becoming popular because it is easier and faster to make.

Screen printed – the design is printed onto the metal base through a silk screen process and then coated with clear epoxy to preserve the design.

4-color process – also known as offset printing, this uses blending of colours to produce the design. This also allows for different colours to appear on the pin.

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