How Web Analytics Can Help You

SEO consultancy firms like Chronis Tsempelis SEO Consultancy believe that Web Analytics can shape your business into what you want it to be. They can help you make necessary changes, based on what you have observed from your site. They can help you save a lot of money and effort, and make sure that your website becomes exactly what you want it to be. This is why you need to know how to take maximum value from web analytics.

Basically, web analytics could help you with the following :

Understanding your audience

There are so many questions that could be answered by web analytics about your audience, and these include :

• How was the audience able to find you on search engines?
• What were the keywords that the audience used to search for you?
• How many people have been visiting your website?
• How much time do these people spend on your website?
• Which of the pages on your website do they visit?
• What are they missing out from in your website?
• How often do these people come back to your website?
• What makes these people come back?
• How many of them have visited the site through affiliate links?

By answering these questions, you’ll know which demographic likes your website the best–and how you’re able to help them.

Know how the website is performing

seoThe next part is mostly about knowing how the website is being perceived by its visitors. Is it able to deliver? Or, is it just one of those websites that they’d visit once and wouldn’t check out a second time? How is it doing in terms of traffic and revenue?

To understand this, the following questions will be answered by web analytics :

• Which are the pages on your website that are often viewed by most people?
• Which pages aren’t viewed enough?
• Have you indexed your webpages in the right manner?
• Why do you think people don’t visit those pages that are not being visited too much?
• Name your top entry page, and determine why it’s the top entry page.
• Are there broken links on the site that need to be fixed?

Putting things in Perspective

Now, you’ll get an honest assessment of how your site is doing, and why it is doing that way.

For this, web analytics will be able to answer the following questions:

• Which of your affiliates give you the best traffic? Take note that this isn’t just about the amount of traffic, but mostly about traffic that converts into revenue.

• How many of your site’s visitors actually avail of your products and services and have signed up for your offers? Or, have signed up for membership?

• How many are just looking around?

• Which parts of the website are not working as planned?

Use it wisely

Once these questions have been answered, you’ll be able to use web analytics wisely–and it goes like this :

• KPIs will be measured

This means that you’ll know whether or not your business has reached its goals, and if not, what are you still doing? How can you make it better?

• Business purpose will be identified

seo servicesRemember that each and every business has a goal–a purpose. It may be about signing up for your services, getting affiliates, putting a film to life, or creating a network of supporters. You have to be clear with this–and you have to stick to it.

• Website will be optimized

Tweak it in such a way that it would work for your business–and for your customers, as well.

• Create Desired Flow

Finally, web analytics should be able to help you deliver the right message and outcome to your customers–so that everything would work according to plan.

Let your SEO consultancy team help you deal with web analytics and see your site flourish!

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