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We always need that extra little cash that can be handy during unexpected situations. Extra funds can be helpful to us whether you are expanding a business, buying new clothes, appliances, and furniture or to simply pay house bills. These days, people opt to visit physical pawn shops or go through online ones rather than going to banks since you just have to own a valuable and it will serve as your collateral. Loaning on banks can sometimes be a long process that requires credit checks.

Pawn-ShopHere at Majorpawn.com, we will bring you a quick and excellent pawn shop service you can never get anywhere. We accept various things such as gold, silver or platinum jewellery, diamonds of all shapes and sizes, collectibles or estates, US gold and silver coins, new or used jewellery, broken or scrapped gold and platinum, sterling silver flatware and tea seats, etc. We also accept pocket and wrist watches in various brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Hamilton, Tiffany, Chopard, Omega, Corum, Radon, Croton and many more. You will definitely receive your instant cash whether your items are new, used or broken. If you want for a top solution for all your short-term cash flow issue, bring your unwanted diamond necklace or other jewelleries and our dedicated pawn shop specialist will instantly turn them into cash.

Online pawn shops are indeed helpful to many people since it has many benefits that we can enjoy. The introduction of online pawning bring people an alternative and affordable way of selling gold or silver and gaining fast cash. Everyone can now have access to Internet anytime and anywhere with the use of smart phones or tablets.

Online pawning can be beneficial to the company as well since you don’t have to spend large amount of money for constructing the site, employees’ salary, maintenance, security and many more. And so if you’re looking for an online pawn shop that will provide you excellent pawn shop services, you can always visit Majorpawn.com and experience a fast and reliable transaction.

Another thing that makes online pawning as your best choice is that it does not require a proof of employment to get your loans. You just have to own something in exchange for cash and you’re ready to go. It does need credit check as well unlike with banks.

Online pawning is very convenient and hassle-free since you just have to deliver your items to the online pawn shop and your cash will be instantly deposited to your bank account. We guarantee our customers a same day or 24 hour cash deposit to ensure your pure contentment with our pawn shop services. You can also loan on your valuable items or jewelleries at a given due date. Once your loan is paid, you can get back your valuable item and you can sell, pawn or loan the same items as much as you want.

Here at Majorpawn.com, we assure that we only provide our valued customers a reasonable interest rate for all their items. We charge the lowest interest rates among the other surrounding online local pawn shops out there. If ever you’re wandering on why online pawn shops charge interest rates, it is because these help to effectively fulfil our promises of convenience and a wider range of accepted items.

This set online pawn shops apart from physical shops since they won’t be spending for the construction and maintenance of the shop itself. Lower interest rates are appealing to people as it allows them to get instant cash without worrying of being burdened by heavy debt. It also helps for the company to maximize its profits and allows moving towards greater innovations.

The Majorpawn.com has been widely known throughout New York and other areas. We are very confident with our talented and excellent pawn shop specialists as they continuously provide our customers with reliable and fast customer service. Our commitment of giving you superior pawn shop services are greatly practiced ever since 1989. With the many years of working on this industry, we assure you that we will provide online pawn shop services at an unbeatable price.

We will bring you the convenience and comfort of using online pawn shop for all your emergency and instant cash needs. We treat every customer with utmost respect and give them services that will definitely solve all their cash flow issue problems. We understand all your needs and requirements and so we will never fail to give you only the best pawn shop services in a fast and easy way.

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