6 Reasons Custom Lanyards Work as a Promotional Item

Custom LanyardsCustom printed lanyards have become popular as a promotional item for conferences and businesses. With high quality printing, one gets to make his brand or campaign visible even years after the conference or product launch. Moreover, lanyards are available in various materials, including organic cotton, polyester, bamboo and recycled PET plastic. Silkscreen printing allows the use of as many colors as you desire. Company logos can also be easily included in the design. If you are thinking of promotional items for your upcoming event, here are six more reasons lanyards work.

Give and You Shall Receive

That’s simply the law of reciprocity. Whatever item you give, rest assured that you would receive something in return. It does not matter whether you give away branded pens or custom lanyards. People appreciate the sweet gesture. A study showed that 52% of the individuals given a promotional item did business with the company, whereas the remaining 48% of the participants said they would be likely to transact with the company because of the item they received.

“Free” Gets the Attention

Admit it: when you hear the word “free,” you become interested. That is human nature. People like something that is free. Get consumers’ attention during every tradeshow with the help of free items. You will be surprised how a simple lanyard can be a head turner. A study showed that booths giving out promotional items experienced about 176% increase in traffic.

Thinking About Long Term Exposure

Unlike paid TV or radio advertisements, custom lanyards and similar promotional items have that long-term aspect. A lanyard customized to have your company logo, slogan, or contact details serves its promotional purpose for years. It means exposure. Give a lanyard to someone. His friends will notice that cute lanyard and ask where he got it, and then he will answer, “[your company] gave it for free.”

Think of it this way: each of the people to whom you give an adorable lanyard has at least 10 friends who may see it; hence, if you give 100 custom lanyards, you have that chance of exposure to 1000 consumers.

Repeated Exposure Leads to Brand Recognition

When your brand enjoys repeated exposure, people are likely to be familiar with it. Seeing something over and over again makes you remember it. Studies about promotional products show that more than a third of people who received a promotional item remember the company or brand associated with the product.

You Reach Beyond Your Target Audience

The problem with business is that you tend to focus on your target audience. With promotional products, such as lanyards, you can unconsciously reach other people without knowing it. People are introduced to your brand through those who receive your promotional item.

People Think You Are Awesome

When people remember that you give something for free, they will remember you. They are likely to have a favorable impression of your brand or company because of your simple gesture of goodwill. This is why affordable custom lanyards have been effective as promotional products.

If you are thinking of promotional products that work, consider lanyards. Lanyards are items that are manufactured easily. You can also ask your chosen manufacturer to customize the items to have whatever design and information you need to show to people. They are affordable items to give away that people will appreciate. When given for free, they get the attention of consumers. They are not consumable and are useful for a long time, giving your brand the repeated exposure it needs.

What is amazing is that your brand is exposed to many people, including the ones you have neglected. Finally, giving away something for free compels people to have a positive impression of your company and brand.