Proper Maintenance of Golf Grips

Golf grips are very susceptible to wear and tear. Its life can be affected by the level of moisture in the environment and the golfer’s hands. And since it is the area in the club that has direct contact with the golfer’s hands, its condition can greatly affect the quality of the swing.

Although grips provide the perfect connection between the golfer and the clubs, they are still often neglected. If you want to lengthen the life of your grips and improve the quality of your game, you should learn the importance of proper grip maintenance.

Golf gripsLearning how to properly clean the grips will help you restore the tack quality of the grip’s surface, hence preventing hand slippage during the game. There are a variety of materials that you can use to clean your grips. There are grip cleaning wipes that can be bought for a very cheap price. They come in a resealable package that you can put in your golf bag pockets anytime. Grip wipes are perfect for all type of grip material. It also has a quick drying formula that allows your grip to dry after each shot. Grip wipes allow you to regularly rid your grips of oil and dirt throughout the game.

If you are not in the golf course, you can clean your golf grips by using mild dish washing soap, warm water, a small bucket, soft-bristled brush, wash cloth and dry towel. Before cleaning your grips, make sure to inspect them first for signs of damages. If you notice rips and bubbles, it is time to completely replace your grip. Such kind of damages are irreparable and needs to be replaced.

To clean your grips, soak the soft-bristled brush or wash cloth in soapy water and then scrub away. A soft-bristled brush can be used for grips that are made of rubber or cord. Wash cloth, on the other hand, is used for grips that are squishy or made of softer materials. After the scrubbing, thoroughly rinse the grips with clean warm water. Make sure to protect the shaft of the clubs from water to prevent it from rusting. Immediately dry the grips with a clean towel rather than allowing them to air-dry. Towel drying can help you further inspect the grips from detergent residues.

Glass cleaners can also be used to clean golf grips. All you have to do is to spray the glass cleaner on your grips and wipe the surface with a damp towel. Hand cleaners that are used to remove grease can also be used to clean golf grips. Some can even be mixed with mild dish washing detergent. This mixture is very effective in removing body oil and grime from grips.

Scrubbing pads can also be used for grips that are extremely dirty. All you have to do is to wet the grip with water and scrub it with the pad in a twisting motion. The pad can remove the old layer of the rubber on the grip thus making it looking new again.

If you are just a beginner golfer and you do not know when exactly to regrip your clubs, you can ask advice from club experts. Club experts usually suggest that grips should be replaced once a year or after 40 rounds of golf is played. There are also specific signs that can help you discern on whether you need a new grip or not.

If you see areas with smooth surfaces on your grip, it is definitely time to have it replaced. Cracks, shiny patches, and presence of paint erosions on are also signs that the golf grips are already beyond repair.